distils, distilling, distilled
(in AM, use distill)
1) VERB If a liquid such as whisky or water is distilled, it is heated until it changes into steam or vapour and then cooled until it becomes liquid again. This is usually done in order to make it pure.

[be V-ed] The whisky had been distilled in 1926 and sat quietly maturing until 1987...

[V n] You can't actually drink the water from the marshland. But you can distil it...

[V-ed] When water is used this must be distilled water or spring water; never tap water.

Derived words:
distillation [[t]dɪ̱stɪle͟ɪʃ(ə)n[/t]] N-UNCOUNT

Any faults in the original cider stood out sharply after distillation.

2) VERB If an oil or liquid is distilled from a plant, it is produced by a process which extracts the most essential part of the plant. To distil a plant means to produce an oil or liquid from it by this process.

[be V-ed from n] The oil is distilled from the berries of this small tree.

[V n] ...the art of distilling rose petals...

[V-ed] A skin lotion distilled from the root is a marvellous cure for sore rashes and spots. [Also V n from n]

Derived words:
distillation N-UNCOUNT usu N of n

The distillation of rose petals to produce rosewater almost certainly originated in Ancient Persia.

3) VERB If a thought or idea is distilled from previous thoughts, ideas, or experiences, it comes from them. If it is distilled into something, it becomes part of that thing.

[be V-ed from n] Reviews are distilled from articles previously published in the main column...

[be V-ed into n] Eventually passion was distilled into the natural beauty of a balmy night...

[V n into n] Roy distills these messages into something powerful...

[V-ed] The advice is based on the distilled wisdom of a panel of heart specialists.

Derived words:
distillation N-SING usu N of n

The material below is a distillation of his work.

English dictionary. 2008.

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